August 9th, 2017

My latest idea is to write a book about my home town, Hinterstoder, Austria.  The first title that came to me for this new book is Tales from my Home Town. I just came back from there with a whole host of stories and pictures.   Hinterstoder, besides being my home town, has a long and interesting history.  Its origins go back to the 13th Century and likely were Slavic people that first found the remote valley.  Its sleepy, subsistence agrarian beginnings, until the early 1900’s were nevertheless compelling and interesting.  But it was the 20 century that put Hinterstoder on the map with the introduction of skiing as the winter sport of the common man.  Hinterstoder has some world class slopes and has been the site of a variety of World Cup Ski events.  My father was the town doctor during the Second World War.  That is how I came to be consanguineously linked to Hinterstoder.  Events of the War and Post War periods ads a historic twist to my recollections.  The natural beauty of the town and surroundings made Hinterstoder a tourist attraction going back to the 1880’s.

I plan to assemble a book as most authors do it, chapter by chapter.  I will post each as I complete it here on my website.  I must thank my new found friend and old schoolmate from first to third grade in the old Hinterstoder school   Heinz Schachner (town historian) for his help in this new effort.

Chapters will be posted to the book’s page as they become available. Check back here for updates!

October 7th, 2017

Update:  All 13 chapters of Tales from my Home Town are now posted and can be read here on the web-site.  The book will also come out in hardback and paperback but that will be several more months.


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