Table of Contents

  1. Tribalism, our Achilles’ Heel
  2. Smart People Do Stupid Things
  3. What Is Ignorance?
  4. What Is Knowledge?
  5. What Constitutes Intelligence?
  6. The Wise and the Smart
  7. Why We Keep Slipping Back
  8. Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc Fallacy
  9. Race and IQ
  10. Are Men Superior to Women?
  11. Kissing the Blarney Stone
  12. Democracy – Can It Survive?
  13. Conservatives vs. Liberals
  14. A House Divided – A Pebble in my Shoe
  15. When You Hear About Slavery for 400 Years It Sounds Like a Choice
  16. Sexual Misconduct
  17. Truth, Justice, and the American Way
  18. Conspiracy Theories
  19. The Bill of Rights vs. Racism
  20. Unintended Consequences (The Cobra Effect)
  21. Ukraine, a Nation divided
  22. Ingrid
  23. The Portrait of a Narcissist
  24. The Death of a BFF
  25. Ode to a Linden Tree
  26. The Thomas Fire
  27. Can a Serial Murderer Be Funny?
  28. What Are the Odds?
  29. A Surgical Error Leads to a Regional Crisis
  30. Evils of Fat
  31. What Is the Purpose of Life?
  32. The Nature of Sex
  33. The Ten Most Overrated Things
  34. Why CO2 is Not the Cause of Global Warming
  35. Too Many Rules
  36. The Five Senses
  37. Thoughts of an Old Surgeon on Breast Cancer Screening
  38. The Stethoscope
  39. What is Right and What is Wrong with Educating Doctors?
  40. Don’t Quit ‘till Everything’s Done
  41. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  42. Is Death Part of Life?
  43. The Final Solution
  44. A Bit of Eternity
  45. An Alternative Explanation
  46. Why Are We Here?
  47. Never on Sunday
  48. Evolution
  49. Cultural Evolution
  50. Islamophobia
  51. Why Is there Something Instead of Nothing?
  52. Why I am a Skeptic About the Afterlife
  53. Ten Things That God Should Have Re-Thought
  54. Ten Things that God Ought to Do
  55. Ten Reasons Why God Is in Fact Missing in Action
  56. The Higgs Boson-the God Particle, God Had Nothing to Do with It
  57. Faith Re-examined
  58. Prayer and Meditation
  59. Was the Design of the Intelligent Designer Really that Intelligent?
  60. Christmas
  61. The Much Maligned Atheist
  62. What Do Pink Unicorns and God Have in Common?
  63. A Rare Interview with God
  64. A.I. Artificial Intelligence