Jane Goodall studied chimpanzees by living with them for 50 years. She found out many of their secrets. One is that they are homicidal, perhaps more appropriately Pan troglocidal, their genus and species name. Chimpanzees go out and raid their neighbors, killing the males, abducting the females, and taking all their bananas! In the last few centuries, humans have become less violent and less murderous, except for some of us. Vladimir Putin is one notable exception.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s mother certainly chose the wrong first name for her son. My father’s name was also Vladimir, and when we were living in German-speaking lands, he proudly told me that Vladimir means “Peace in the Land,” which translates to Friede (Peace) and Reich (Land) in German. Friedrich convertes to Fredrik, the English version – Freddy Putin!

Putin started his career as a KGB agent in East Germany. East Germany was still very much influenced by the Nazi era. The Berlin Wall was a monument to that! He reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and resigned in 1991, after 16 years of service, to join the government of Boris Yeltsin. He rose rapidly in the hierarchy and became president of Russia, and was re-elected in 2004. He now has extended his presidential powers to 2036.

His competition has been eliminated by poison, bullets, strangulation, or just imprisonment. There are dozens of victims of Putin’s murderous actions. It is amazing how little press attention is given to those who gave their lives to these assassinations. The most recent who was arrested, Vladimir Kara-Murza, is a political rival that disappeared just yesterday, 4/12/22. He has so far survived two previous poisoning attempts. We shall see how long he lasts. The FSB, formerly the KGB, agents followed Alexander Litvinenko to London and there laced his tea with Polonium, which clearly did not come from the pharmacy next door. Viktor Yushchenko, former president of Ukraine, was fed Dioxin obtained from Agent Orange. He was in a run-off with the pro-Russian candidate for president. Victor lost the election and almost lost his life. Anna Politkovskaya, a journalist critical of Putin, was shot as a birthday present to Putin. Boris Nemtsov, a former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, was shot in the back near the Kremlin, apparently not that safe a place to take a walk. Putin took personal charge of the murder investigation. Surprisingly the murderer was never found. Boris Berezovsky, an out-of-favor Oligarch who had escaped to England, was found in his home with a ligature around his neck. Putin has jailed his political rival, Alexei Navalny, whom he also tried to poison using Novichok, a nerve gas, only available to the military. And this is only a fraction of the people that Putin has murdered.

Killing political opposition has not been enough. The totally insane trumped-up war with Ukraine, looking for Nazis where there aren’t any, has graduated Vladimir to a new level, the likes of a world-class murderer rivaling the historical greats: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pot Pol, and others. Anyone who claims Putin is brilliant needs serious psychiatric help, including some members of our past and present leadership and news anchors. Putin is a psychopathic murderous monkey whose homicidal genes have evolved into monsters. Can the world survive until 2036? Do  I dare say that if the world needs peace (Vladimir), and it does, it will take regime change?