The Kremlin, meaning Vladimir Putin, claims that the atrocities are staged by Ukrainian Nazis, to shift the blame on Russia and to incite world outrage against them. Here are the problems with that. It is difficult to believe a man who has lied to you repeatedly from the outset: that would be Vladimir Putin. “We are not going to invade Ukraine!” he said. Then he did. “We are not attacking civilians,” then he did. Maternity hospitals and shelters had inscriptions on the pavement. “Children” were bombed – with 400 fatalities. Pictures, witnesses, and international organizations that watch for War Crimes testify. All counter Putin’s lies. The Jewish population and their Rabbis, who are Ukrainian national figures, deny Nazi presence in Ukraine. Russians pull out and within hours there are 400 bodies of executed civilians in the streets and in mass graves. The Russians claim these are staged after they left Bacha. It takes time to kill 400 people and excavate mass graves. The Nazis had to work awfully fast to kill all those people from the time the last Russian tanks rolled out, to before the bodies were discovered. There was not enough time for the Nazis to get in and tie all those people’s hands and shoot them in the head. Actually, satellite pictures show many of the bodies in the exact position in the streets as they are now, weeks before the Russians pulled out at the time they were in control of the town. I suppose the Nazis snuck in at night while the Russians were sleeping. International journalists testify and show us pictures of the dead. There are witnesses. There is satellite and drone video, and cell phone video.  The lies are staggering and easily refuted. Do they think we are that gullible?
Putin and his Generals are war criminals, very much like Hitler, Göring, and, Göbels, etc. only documented better. You don’t need any more convincing evidence than the bombed-out apartment buildings in Mariupol to see the perfidious lies of the Kremlin. No Nazis lived there.

Are those bombed-out buildings part of the pretend destruction, along with the crisis actors, and those buildings are just photoshopped and made to look like civilian apartments? Putin and his henchmen must think we are blind too.           

What are these atrocities? To kill unarmed civilians whose hands are tied behind them shows disregard for morality and civilized behavior: bombing apartment buildings and theaters where civilians are sheltering, taking a family out in the woods, and shooting Mayor Olga Sukhenko and her family, husband, and son after being tortured, then dumping their bodies in a mass grave. In Irpin, Russians shot women and girls and then drove tanks over their bodies. The lucky ones just got raped and had their tongues pulled out. Some of the bodies were rigged with tripwires to explode. Those are atrocities, and those are the kind that real Nazis commit. 

In 1945 General Dwight David Eisenhower insisted on photographers taking pictures in the captured concentration camps of the mounds of corpses, because Eisenhower did not think the world would believe that human beings could inflict such monstrous despicable acts on fellow human beings. In one respect, Putin was right, there are Nazis, but as it turns out, he didn’t need to go to Ukraine to find them. They were right there in his own military, following his orders.