The signs are clear. The man has isolated himself from life. He does not allow anyone to come into his office, and only communicates by phone. No one can come within 40 feet of him. Speaking of social distancing! This has been going on for two years.    

He exhibits signs of Paranoia. The world is against him. He just put his nuclear forces on high alert. He needs nukes to protect him. Ukraine is full of Nazis. He is saving the world by killing them all and de-Nazifying the world. This despite that there is not one shred of evidence of that. Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, is a Jew. Three of his uncles were killed by Hitler. He won the election with overwhelming numbers. 70% of the Ukrainian people voted for him. And all the supposed “Nazis” are running away to Poland and the Nordic Nations, exactly the opposite of what Putin predicted. The unhinged mind uses different mechanisms than the normal mind. It projects its own internal demons onto others in order to cope. The population has not risen up to attack the Ukrainian leadership but has taken up arms against the invading Russian forces. Putin wants revenge for the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which he calls the greatest tragedy of the 20th Century, never mind the Holocaust, never mind World War I or World War II, never mind 9/11, never mind Covid-19. Putin’s mind is confused and warped. And who do you think he blames for the fall of the USSR? Hint, not Ukraine! He blames us, the USA! Condoleeza Rice states that he is a changed personality since she knew him. Others have also noted Putin’s erratic behavior and language. Senator Marco Rubio, who sits on the Intelligence Committee, has hinted of major health issues which he is reluctant to share at this time. Trust me, we are next on his list!      

There is not one country that supports his actions. Even the Chinese urge reasonableness and negotiations to settle the differences. The problem is that insane people cannot reason. Their mind is clouded by faulty connections inside the brain. He has stopped listening to his advisers. Only he knows the truth!    

My father was a Psychiatrist in a mega-hospital in the 1960s that institutionalized the criminally insane. At its peak, the hospital had 7,000 patients. As part of his compensation, he got a house for himself and our family. I grew up in an insane asylum! I had a paper route and delivered newspapers to those patients that still could recognize the difference between hallucinations and reality. I learned about Schizophrenia and Paranoia before medical school, and later I learned it again at Camarillo State Hospital where UCLA took us to learn about mental illness. It is what we are seeing in Vladimir Putin. The Russian people need to wake up. They will suffer from all the sanctions, not Putin. He is isolated and protected from all sanctions, and does not care about the suffering of his people. His inner circle must recognize his insanity and put him into a padded cell. All the Oligarchs have lost billions of Rubles. The Russian Stock market has gone down 30%, as SNL says to minus 90%.       

Putin and Hitler have a similar mindset. Hitler, too became paranoid and started doing irrational things even against the advice of his top generals. Hitler marched into Poland, then Russia. and started bombing London. Putin is just like him. They should call him PUTLER. We must support the Ukrainian people because just like in Nazi Germany, if we don’t, we will suffer the same fate. If you fail to take action against an insane bully who attacks innocent people you become their next victim.    

Russia’s one Achilles heel is its profits from oil. We must cut off those profits by becoming energy independent again before it is too late. We certainly cannot buy oil from Russia! Buying oil from them now is almost treason!