Not only is eating hot dogs unhealthy to the point of shaving years off your life, but it is also unconstitutional and very well may be racist also. Think about it, we do not know how they are made, and none of you know what is in them. One of the biggest secrets is how sausage, especially hot dogs, are made. Just the name should arouse suspicion – HOT DOGS – they tell you right up front you are consuming DOGS. Are fetal cells involved in any way?  Do they magnetize you, or do they have embedded microchips that from then on track you the rest of your life and give your exact position to the “Deep State”? The nutritional value of hot dogs has never been proven and has been questioned by many nutritional authorities. The research is clearly inadequate and they have not been studied long enough. In fact, amongst others, one well-known physician and cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Steven Gundry, thinks they are poison. You should be aware of what you put in your body and reject this assault on it. Don’t fall for the false advertisement about hot dogs. As certain as the sun rises and sets hot dogs will kill you.  Do your own research, talk to your personal physician, and you shall find out the truth. Your choice, your body, your freedom. Open your eyes and stop being a sheep!