Until now, there have been no government mandates imposed for vaccinations, except in the military, which has always imposed vaccine requirements. With 40% of our population still not vaccinated, it has become painfully clear that if we are to beat this pandemic, that loop has to be closed, and sooner than later. That is what science indisputably tells us. If your research comes from Facebook, any other Internet source, or your minister you are not an accredited scientist. Disputing what science says is not a different opinion, it is just plain idiotic. I am beginning to think that  Mark Twain was right when he observed, “God created the idiots first.” Being wrong can and does have serious consequences such as death for example. As of today 9/15/2021 the global deaths are 4,652,516. Is that not enough for you? The new mandates will add 80,000,000 to the vaccinated. Any company that has 100 or more employees, all health care facilities, all executive branch employees, and all people that are federal contractors must be vaccinated or be tested weekly.

I was the officer in charge of vaccinations on my Air Force Base in the Azores, Portugal, during the Vietnam conflict. There were about 20 required vaccinations depending on the duty station of the soldier that we administered. I gave thousands of shots, almost all were live virus or bacteria, unlike the Covid shots which are just mRNA (man made), not one serious reaction.

Nothing in life is 100% safe. Things are safe if, most of the time, they cause no harm. You must realize that absolutely everything on this earth has the potential to cause harm. The real issue is what is the risk-benefit ratio. Routine surgery has a risk of 1 in 10,000 deaths, but there is often a life-saving or at least a life-improving benefit. Driving has a lifetime risk of 1 in 100 deaths. Who amongst you is going to give up driving? Walking outside, even when the sky is bright blue, has a risk of a lightning strike with a lifetime risk of 1 in 15,000 deaths. That is significantly more than winning Powerball.  Eating has a lifetime risk of 1 in 2,700 choking deaths. No one is going to stop eating based on that risk.  The Covid vaccine risk of death is .002% that is 1 in 50,000 deaths. Sitting at home not driving, not eating, not having surgery, or anything else has a significant risk of death from all the illnesses due to inactivity. 

Covid has a significant 1 in 50 death risk if you are perfectly healthy. Any co-morbidity issues such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, liver disease, smoking, over age 60, etc., ups the death risk depending on the co-morbidity. Given that over half our population is obese, most of us have a higher risk of dying with Covid. There is no absolutely safe activity, and even no activity has significant risks. Co-morbidities add up quickly to 1 in 10 death risks in many of our population should they contract the virus.

I have been a physician for 54 years, and I can absolutely promise you that there is no question that vaccines are as safe as is humanly possible and do protect the vast majority from the disease, which has a much higher risk of death if you get it. If you don’t believe that you have been drinking too much of the Kool-Aid, are among the IQ challenged, are illiterate, or just demented. Heaven help you if you contract Covid!

Other countries have come to the same conclusion. Australia has taken the route of mandates that are even more strict than ours.  If you don’t protect yourself and act as a potential superspreader, why would society want to protect you? You present a danger to the rest of society. The Australian government shuts the unvaccinated out of their economy, grocery stores, schools, clothing stores, restaurants, sporting events, and even including hospitals, should you need one.

You do have the right to decide what goes into your body, but that has a lot more consequences that come with that stance in Australia. There are no Constitutional rights given to us to allow you to harm others. You do not have the right to give your diseases to me! To make that as unlikely as possible, you, the unvaccinated, and I, the vaccinated, cannot get close to each other. Even 6 feet is not enough!

If you have a business or run a school, a gym, or a grocery store, you want people not to transmit diseases in your facility.  Not only do you lose customers, but also employees, and even you are at risk.  Why would you not insist that everyone protect themselves as best as possible to prevent your bottom line from bottoming out, as well as preventing the spread of a potentially lethal disease? This also limits the virus’ chances of mutating to a more lethal form.

The Delta Variant is with us solely because of the un-vaccinated, the only reservoir in which they can multiply and mutate.

Hospitals that have a limited capacity, a limited number of ventilators, and a limited staff should ration and not squander their assets on the hopeless who have chosen to take their chances.  You don’t have to go to Australia to see that happening because if you want a job, by and large, you will need to be vaccinated! I have a small farming business with ten employees.  Most of them are not educated beyond secondary school, but every one of them is smart enough to be vaccinated, including me.

If you are still pondering your choices, look at the real evidence, look at who is dying in our ICU’s (almost all are unvaccinated). Also, do not let the bird-brained “Disinformation Dozen” make life’s decisions for you. Think for yourself, your family, and the need to be gainfully employed. Get your shot and prove Mark Twain wrong! You still have a choice, but you must sacrifice an awful lot to avoid vaccination. The majority is not wrong this time.

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