Covid vaccines are made from mRNA (messenger RNA), a molecule, that naturally carries DNA instructions to the cell’s protein manufacturing machinery. The basic science for this has been around for 50 years.  To say that the vaccines have not been studied long enough is disingenuous, and the reason testing the vaccines started so quickly is that mRNA has been studied for decades. 

A small modification in the molecule made it less inflammatory. The mRNA focuses on the spikey parts of the virus’s surface. It carries that information to your own cell’s protein-making machine, the ribosomes, which then actually make the antibodies that destroy the virus. No live or dead virus, or part of the virus, is any part of this vaccine (unlike most other vaccines).

The gullibility of the general public is breathtaking.  40% of the population will not accept the research of nearly a half-century, and the work of hundreds of qualified scientists, and will not accept their research that cost billions of dollars.  Snake Oil has always been easier to sell than the real stuff! Some crackpot radio talk show host promotes Ivermectin, with no science behind it, as a new cure for Covid, and already we have dozens of cases in the Emergency Rooms across the country with Ivermectin poisonings! Ivermectin is a drug that treats parasites, primarily in animals, but occasionally in humans. Really people, what are you thinking?

Some Fox hosts claim that it is a government conspiracy to take away your rights. The owner of Fox, Rupert Murdoch, and all his family and Trump and all his family got vaccinated? What rights did Trump and Murdoch give up?   Why would you not ask the obvious question as to what rights are being lost by getting a potentially life-saving vaccine?  Is that not odd that suddenly vaccines are a constitutional issue? The base is already convinced that they lose their rights even if no one has yet forced anyone to be vaccinated. True, if you want to go into a business or sports event, that business has the constitutional right to let you on their property or not. If talk show hosts speak against what the base already believe, they risk losing their listeners. When Trump promoted the vaccine at one of his recent rallies, he got “boo’ed.”  When an Evangelical radio personality, Dan Darling, made positive statements about the vaccine on his show, he got fired.

I’ll tell you why you buy the Snake Oil. Because you already believe it. Could this just be a PR rating ploy that plays into a segment of humanity that fosters deluded thinking partial to Snake Oil, a surprisingly common affliction? If you don’t think that large swaths of humans are not subject to deluded thinking, just look at old movie reels of millions of Germans in the 1940s.  

People will believe what they want to believe anyway. To dissuade them just makes them angry and discredits you, and they stop listening to you. If you are in the business of promoting yourself, why would you try to convince people of ideas that are already set in stone in their brain? As a confirmed cynic, I believe most of TV is in the business of selling products, not changing the world!


Regardless of who says what, you do not have the right to infect me with your cooties. Keep them to yourself.  You don’t have to get the vaccine. To do that, however, you must be identified as a potential spreader of the disease any way you want to,    but you must declare yourself. A cootie armband would work! I do not want to sit next to you in a theater, a restaurant, or a sporting event.  This we know for certain, to get infected, you must get the virus from another person through close contact.

The vaccine mandates are growing daily:

500 US Colleges and Universities require the vaccine for staff and students to attend classes.

This month, September 2021, all US military will be ordered to be vaccinated. Failure to obey an order is punishable by Court Marshal.

All living US Presidents, including Trump, have been vaccinated.

All-State Governors, regardless of party affiliation, have been vaccinated.

99.5% of Congress has been vaccinated.

96% of American Physicians have been vaccinated.

88% of Nurses and Pharmacists have been vaccinated.

Among major US companies, the following require vaccination for all employees: Amtrak, Anthem Blue Cross, Ascension Health, AT&T, Bank of America, Black Rock, Capital One, Cardinal Health, Chevron, Cisco Systems, CNN, Delta Airlines, Deloitte, Facebook, Frontier, Goldman Sachs, Google, Hawaii Airlines, Jefferies Financial, Hess, Johnson & Johnson, Lyft, McDonalds, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Northwestern University, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tyson Foods, Uber, Union Square Hospitality Group, United Airlines, UPS, Walmart, Walt Disney, Washington Post, Twitter, Walgreens, the Department of Defense, Gilead, Eli Lilly, Pfizer and Novartis will require vaccinaton or regular testing.

The following professional organizations have advocated vaccination: Academy of Family Physicians, Academy of Pediatricians, Academy of Physician Assistants, American College of Nurses, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American College of Surgeons, American College of Physicians, American Medical Association, American Nurses Association, American Pharmacists Association, American Hospital Association, Centers for Disease Control, Infectious Diseases Society of America, National Association of County and City Health Officials. Where is your evidence to counter all these organizations? Was it something on FB or one of the “Disinformation Dozen” (see below) obviously more believable?

Who are the opponents of vaccination? There are a dozen people in the whole country who are responsible for most of the anti-vax rhetoric. They have been called the “Disinformation Dozen.” One of the most known is Joe Mercola, an alternative medicine proponent who has made a fortune in marketing dietary supplements. He has published numerous books on natural cures: How Homeopathy Cured a Boy of Autism, Vitamin D, the Silver Bullet for Cancer, and The 13 Amazing Health Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt, and the bestseller, Zinc Can Cure Diarrhea. For $2997 you too can have his miraculous “Mercola Vitality Home Tanning Bed.” He operates a very sophisticated marketing organization. His offices feature polished wood floors and leather furniture with only a small fraction devoted to actual products. Most of the space is devoted to marketing. His products get shipped out through warehouses from online stores. One of his latest marketing successes is WooBamboo, a children and pet toothbrush, now sold in 30 countries. Dr. Mercola has had numerous warnings from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for false advertising claims of the benefits of his various products, especially promoting Covid cures.

One of the high priests of the anti-vaccers is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., yes the son of Robert F. Kennedy Sr., who was shot at the Ambassador Hotel by Sirhan Sirhan in 1968.  RFK Jr. is a fervent anti-vaccer, despite the entire family’s abhorrence of his stance, which they call “heartbreaking.” He claimed multiple deaths, injuries, threats to pregnant women, and the death of Hank Aaron,one of the greatest baseball players in history, all related to the Covid vaccine.  Hank Aaron was 86 years old when he died. He died at home peacefully in his bed, surrounded by family.  He had multiple co-morbidities, and an autopsy failed to show any relationship to the Moderna vaccine that he had two weeks before.  The Medical Examiner ascribed his death to natural causes. 

Just to give you a clue as to RFK Jr.’s inner thinking, he denied that Sirhan Sirhan had shot his father dead, with eyewitnesses standing next to him, and with the gun still in his hand. Sirhan even signed a confession (which he later retracted).  RFK, Jr. is now on the defense team to overturn the conviction. With that kind of brilliant thinking, I would not trust him to be dog catcher, much less decide my vaccination status.

There are ten more of them. Not one scientist are among them.  #3 Ty and Charlene Bollinger, #4 Sherri Tennpenny, #5 Rizza Islam #6 Rashid Buttar, #7 Erin Elizabeth, #8 Sayer Ji, #9 Kelly Brogan, #10 Christiane Northrup, #11 Ben Tapper, #12 Kevin Jenkins. Not one Einstein among them! Complaints were filed against a few of them for fraudulent claims, as well as arrested for insurance fraud. The rest of them include a famous but nutty relative of an iconic family whom the family disowns for his nutty beliefs, an accountant with no schooling in biology, a former bodybuilder and his wife who also are self-acclaimed filmmakers, a Scientologist, a  psychiatrist, an obstetrics and gynecologist, a couple of chiropractors, three  osteopathic doctors all of whom have had encounters with their state medical boards or other regulatory agencies for questionable practices.  These are the standard-bearers for the anti-vaxxers.

Who are these people? None of them are credentialed immunologists or scientists. They peddle Snake Oil. They are self-appointed experts who have no formal education in immunology and no credibility or credentials in the making of vaccines. They are discredited by our regulatory agencies that have hundreds of real scientists looking at their claims, often making them retract their claims or face jail time. And there are serious questions as to their motivations, credibility, and honesty when you look into the business dealings that have “Snake Oil peddlers” imprinted all over them. You have been taken in by the guy in the top picture, the Snake Oil Doctor. He discredits the stuff legitimate science created, but he just happens to have the “real” cure substitute. Does that not set off alarms in your head?

99.5% of all people dying from Covid 19 are unvaccinated. 1 in 11,829 vaccinated people who had breakthrough infections required hospitalization compared to 1 in 708 unvaccinated people, and of the hospitalized patients, death was 35 times more likely if you were not vaccinated.  These are all publicly available numbers. Why do you agree with the discredited dozen and ignore hundreds of double-blind scientific studies? Can you not see? Can you not read? Or do you just want to believe in Snake Oil?