Dealing with the Vaccine Hesitant and Anti-Vaccers

There is now overwhelming evidence for the safety and effectiveness of the Covid vaccine, especially now that the FDA has given full approval to the Pfizer vaccine.  Yet, there is still tremendous resistance to getting vaccinated, as evidenced by the 400 people that died of Covid in Los Angeles this past week. Almost 50% of our population is still not vaccinated.  The immunologists tell us it takes 80% of the population to give us so-called “herd immunity.”  Herd immunity is when the virus cannot find susceptible cells in which to replicate.  This not only ends the pandemic but does not allow new strains to develop. Guess where the virus finds cells in which to replicate – the unvaccinated!

DNA is a curious chain of chemicals that is the basis for life.  It is a double helix chain of a long sugar molecule (deoxy ribose) that has crossbars of nucleic acids, Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine.  The double helix uncoils and it duplicates itself. Adenine attracts and bonds with Thymine and Guanine bonds with Cytosine.  In theory, the identical chain is reproduced in that fashion. But mistakes happen such as Adenine attracts Cytosine and Guanine bonds with Thymine. Alternatively, a stray gamma ray or even UV light from the sun can knock off a nucleic acid radical.  Each segment of DNA that carries a code is a gene.  Now a new code has been created.  The code transmits what protein is manufactured.  Most of the mistakes wind up on the trash heap of useless or harmful changes that could even kill the organism which is a self eliminating mechanism to get rid of bad genes. But with trillions of possibilities, once in a while the new code is a genetic jewel that helps the the organism to survive better.  “Survival of the fittest” then takes over and the new organism as a better survivor is mass-produced, making an organism, be it human or virus, a winner in the dice game of life. That new trait could make a human stronger and smarter or that virus can now avoid being killed by a vaccine.  Mutations happen by the huge number of replications DNA is capable of making. 99% of our DNA is “junk” but that 1% holds the roadmap of what we are.  We have 3,200,000,000 basepairs so that 1% is still a lot of codeable material.  Current estimates place the human gene count to around 30,000 genes that actively direct what we are.  When a coding error occurs, it could void one of our working genes but it could also bring a junk segment back to life. 

There are thought to be 9000 different viruses that “live” among us. Some can only make two proteins, while others can make thousands of proteins. One of those proteins made by the Covid 19 virus can make your cells produce fluid that fills the lungs so that your body is deprived of oxygen and you drown.  Our immune system is very good, and a whole host of cells in our body seeks out and kills many of those viruses, but not all.  Our system needs help, and that is what vaccines do.  They give our defensive cells, the B-cells, and the T-cells, a blueprint of what parts of a virus are vulnerable and then make antibodies to destroy those cells. 

Our knowledge of virology and immunology date back over 200 years and the science is very complex.  I do trust the science because I have seen it work, and used it to treat many diseases that has given thousands of people the gift of extending their life. Few people turn their back on medical help especially when they are sick.  Medicine is applied science and it has evolved over thousands of years, serving humanity well, pretty much most of the time. I do not believe that Anthony Fauci spent his lifetime becoming an expert in virology to force red-necks to get vaccinated. I do not believe that vaccines magnetize us or inject tiny microchips so the government can control us.  I must admit I did test if a spoon would stick to my face.  (See picture)  I am afraid that a segment of humanity has defects in thinking that are just not correctable. 

Magnetized Humans

I do not think that we can force people to do things they do not want to do.  We do live in a democratic society, and that does not allow us to force our ideas on others no matter how misguided we think they are. As Churchill said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that pop up now and then!” As bad as democracy is, it is still better than what the Taliban has in mind.  China contained the Delta Virus variant in one month.  It did take draconian methods, but they did it. You could get a shot in the arm.  If you refused, you could take a shot in the head or similar draconian methods (I use a little literary license).  Most people chose the arm. We must defend our form of government from all efforts to destroy it, even if it were a logical way to achieve a goal. The end does not justify the means. China is decidedly a poor role model.  I am afraid if we want to preserve our form of life, it includes letting the anti-vaccers do as they want.  But I do think there are ways we can influence many of them. All we need is 80% of the population vaccinated to get herd immunity. If you want things like a house, clothing, food, a car, a college education etc. you must find a means to pay for it or for them to accept you.  You might have to prove your vaccination status! Private industry is also awakening to the need to protect their business, their bottom line, and their employees against unnecessary Covid infections. It has become eminently clear that vaccines do just that. As a consequence, vaccine passports are soon coming to your favorite movie theater, restaurant, and sporting event,  regardless of what some self-appointed constitutional experts are claiming, especially since SCOTUS has already ruled on that – different virus but same issue – over 100 years ago in Jacobson v. Massachusetts (Google it). Any attempts to forge or otherwise bypass legitimate proof of vaccine has been handled very well in Hawaii by fines up to $5,000 and jail time for attempted forgery. Personal injury attorneys are also coming to realize that fortunes can be made from personal injury lawsuits claiming Covid infection due to negligence of a business or an individual, even if the vaccine magnetizes you, and allows forks, knives, and spoons to stick all over you, the most  pitiful sight if you have ever seen it! Not to mention the law suites that could be generated from human impalements by knives that penetrate magnetized humans.