Where Does the Buck Stop?

How predictable the left is.  In the face of clear errors of omission and commission, that border on incompetence or worse, our President is being defended, supported, and even urged on by the blind left.  It was the Afghan army’s lack of will to fight in the face of the Afghan mortality rate that in one year was greater than all of the US mortality in 20 years! It is highly unlikely the Afghan soldier would rather just get killed than fight. It was the Afghan political leadership that left before they too would be murdered. How cowardly of them. The left says it was Trump’s negotiations with the Taliban over a year ago, really?

Biden issued over 60 executive orders in his first 100 days, more than any other President, most of them an effort to destroy Trump policies: the wall, the Keystone pipeline, the fracking, multiple regulatory policies that deal with the environment,  energy, immigration, equity, economy, etc. How did he miss the Afghan withdrawal? He reversed everything else, including dismantling a system designed to protect American citizens trapped abroad — just months before the Taliban took over Afghanistan, stranding thousands of Americans in the Central Asian country.  Ahh! He must have been honor-bound to comply with a deal made by Trump, even after the Taliban ignored all of Trump’s conditions and spit on the documents. After pointing the finger at everyone but himself, Biden’s plagiarizing Truman’s line, “The Buck stops here!” doesn’t quite cover it. It does, however, point to Biden’s affinity to use other people’s words to cover his own failures. Although a good soundbite, his finger-pointing clearly points to the fact that Buck barely pauses here. Ultimately Biden has multiple other places where he claims the Buck actually does stop.

He is not telling us the truth that he had no other options, but clearly, the one our President took was not the correct one.  It is a repeat of the disgrace of Saigon. This is a repeat lesson of how not to do it!

This is the greatest National Defeat since 9/11.  It is a stain on our Nation’s honor and will affect us for decades.  What do you think our enemies like China and Russia are thinking?  We have a doddering old weakling in the Whitehouse.  That was exactly what the Japanese leadership thought and acted on the morning of December 7, 1941.  What about the nations that depend on us? Taiwan, South Korea, Europe, Japan, and others who are left with an ally they clearly cannot trust anymore.  It will spill over into other aspects of international negotiations as well.  Trade with other nations will now be looked at with a perspective of a weak inferior nation that does not have the clout to deal from a position of strength.  Cybersecurity will be at greater risk given our weakened position.  The greatest concern is terrorism. 

The Taliban won and now have a new base from which to attack us. Al Qaeda was not supposed to be given a venue in Afghanistan by Trump’s deal.  They are there already.  And they are not knitting doilies. They are ruthless medieval minds, and I do mean evil, who have plans for us! Unfortunately, this world is the good guys against the bad guys.  And if the bad guys have more guns, they will subjugate us sooner or later. I am dismayed by the silence from the women in power in this country.  Where is Kamala, Liz Chaney, AOC, Cori Bush, etc.? Women are being raped, forced into so-called “Islamic marriages” (aka sex slaves), and denied education, a profession, a job.  They cannot dress like the rest of the women of this world. There are reports that women who are not in a Burka are shot in the streets of Kabul. Where is the “Me Too” movement when you need them? Girls who go to school will be evicted or worse – shot in the head as Malala Yousafzai found out. These people have medieval minds with whom you cannot discuss or change them. Radical Islam is indeed radical. They openly tell us what they believe and will do. They reject modernity and do all they can to take Islam back to the middle ages. They have announced they will return Afghanistan to Sharia Law. If you want an evening of horror, read what Sharia Law is. They consider it their duty to convert the infidels (us), and if they can’t, to kill them. We should not be surprised as we have similar medieval thinking in nearly half of our own population who will not accept evidence, logic, science to get the lifesaving Covid vaccine, and they are US-educated, unlike the Taliban. Luckily these brainiacs do not have power over us (yet).  If they did, I suspect they would be just like the Taliban.

Biden is left to try to rectify his bungling with really no one to step up to help him. But I think he really is not capable of dealing with this alone.  We are stuck with a lame duck with no one in the wings to save thousands of people from slaughter.