Reasons to Impeach a President

I just returned from Yorba Linda, the location of the Nixon Library.  I did tour the library, and it reminded me what a crook Nixon was, a criminal who was pardoned.  Think of all the people that died because of Watergate (would you believe 0).  Five perpetrators who were under orders that were linked to the Nixon re-election committee broke into the Democratic National Committee Headquarters to steal or photograph documents on June 17, 1972.  In searching what these documents were, some had to do with Vietnam, and some dealt with Daniel Ellsberg, who released the “Pentagon Papers” that were supposedly secret documents dealing with anti-Vietnam economic data that placed the Nixon administration but also Kennedy and Johnson, under critical light.  Even Ellsberg’s psychiatrist got involved.  But from what I can gather, none of these documents had any significance to the issue of national security or anything else that really mattered. What did matter is that Nixon participated in a vigorous effort to protect his staff.  He never gave an order to break into Watergate. That was his Attorney General, John Mitchell. The big crime was the coverup.  Impeachment was inevitable. That is why Nixon chose to resign.  What a criminal act! Not to mention all the swear words (horror of horrors!) that he uttered that were on the recorded tapes his secretary found. How many people had to die because of Nixon’s acts of criminality? – actually, none!  That is in total contradistinction to what is going on in Kabul as I write this! We now have a President who has mishandled our disengagement in Afganistan.  He is the Commander-in-Chief.  The troops leaving in panic and disarray left millions of dollars worth of tanks, helicopters, small arms, explosives, even fighter jets, and other war equipment in the hands of our enemy.  Thousands of Afgan people that were office staff, translators, janitors, etc., now are execution fodder for the Taliban.  Our troops and embassy staff remain in the now enemy territory.  Will they, too, be slaughtered because of the inept current administration? I forget, of course, that it was Trump that initiated the disengagement negotiations with the Taliban, and therefore Biden or someone must find a way to make this Trump’s fault, proving once again, it is all Trump’s fault, even if it has been over a year and a half that the negotiations took place. Biden had lots of time.  Where are his supposed skills in diplomacy and foreign affairs?  When will this country awake and see what our unfit leadership is doing to our nation with every challenge we face – the border, the virus, inflation, the rising crime rate with the left continuing the “defund the police’ rhetoric, and now Afghanistan?  As details are coming out, it was the Taliban that broke their word and caused the accelerated take-over.  When one of the participants of a negotiation breaks the deal, the other has the right, not only the right, but the duty, to void the original agreement.  Biden did not do that! He ignored the advice of the Military, the State Department, the Department of Defense, and the advice of his Intelligence Community. This will hopefully open the eyes of many Americans that Biden is weak and deserves close scrutiny to determine if he has the capacity to remain as President. The Chinese media, just an extended voice of the Communist Party, has already announced that Taiwan should watch closely.  The US will not come to their aid. Another domino will fall, and with that, our hegemony of Western Civilization.   Watergate was small potatoes compared to Kabul. Scenes from people clinging to taking off helicopters and falling to their deaths will join 9/11 pictures of people falling from the twin towers, a shameful tribute to the Taliban and their enabler, our President, Joe Biden. Whatever happened to “We shall never forget”?

If Nixon had to resign for attempting to stand behind his amateurish staff, what should the fate of our current incapable President and Staff be? Trump got impeached because he made a phone call to the Ukrainian President and requested an investigation into Biden’s and Biden’s son’s financial improprieties in Ukraine.  I wonder how many lives that cost? And then the second impeachment for claiming a fraudulent election (which, by the way, one in three Americans rightly or wrongly believe even though CNN every time states, “baseless claims.” Will those one in three Americans ever pay attention to CNN?) What should the articles of impeachment against Biden be?  The cause of hundreds of deaths of American soldiers in Afghanistan and the slaughter of thousands of Afghan workers that helped us, whose deaths are due to unmitigated incompetence? Or the millions of dollars lost to the Taliban in the machines of war they just stole from us?  Or would it be the national embarrassment this debacle has caused our nation? What about the confidence our allies place in us? In discussing this with a Biden fan, I was told that 20 years is enough, and we need to give Biden the benefit of the doubt. I agree that 20 years is enough, but this means of disengagement is reminiscent of Saigon and a solution that is not what the American people wanted, much less our Afghan supporters who were promised our protection. Who will pardon Biden for his ineptitude?

I wonder if “I gave my life to give Joe Biden the benefit of the doubt” would be a good gravestone marker for those that have already died and have yet to die from this debacle?