Critical Race Theory

What exactly is Critical Race Theory?  Critical Race Theory has several diverse foundational principles that come in a package as I see it.

  1. White Supremacy exists
  2. White Supremacy maintains power by the law and the Constitution. Since they are the problem, they need to be eliminated.
  3. Social Constructionism is more important than facts, truth, or evidence. What the society, or segments of society, interprets (constructs) to be right is right, regardless.  (This is plucked right out of the iconic Nazi philosopher Fredrich Nietzsche’s writings about truth. “There are no facts, only interpretations.” )
  4. A revolutionary program to overturn equality and replace it with equity is required. Equity and equality are different to the proponents of Critical Race Theory.
  5. Equity, social justice, diversity, and inclusion trumps evidence, equality, law, and property rights.
  6. Capitalism is racist. In order to truly be anti-racist, you must be anti-capitalist. 

The acceptance of these principles would lead to several conclusions. Equality is not equity.  They are vastly different. Equality is simply “non-discrimination,” which is in the Critical Racist definition just a cover for White Supremacy, patriarchy, and oppression. Equity aims for equal outcomes.  In Critical Race Theory that would require suspending property rights and redistributing land and wealth along racial lines just to make it equitable.  

Does that sound a bit familiar, substitute class for race, and what have you got? – Karl Marx.

Critical Race Theory is a clever rehash of Communism. Marx believed that the Capitalistic society was an imbalance of power between the owners and the workers. The only solution was a revolution where the workers would seize power and overthrow the overlord Capitalists. The Constitution, along with the Bill of Rights, has to go. Capital is evil. And Capitalism equals White Supremacy. It is racist.  To achieve equity, property and wealth have to be equitably redistributed. I doubt that the black upper class and even the middle class would agree with that.

Social Science cannot ignore all the other fields of human study.  Just because a group constructs their concept of what is real, it does not mean that it is. In physics, E=mc2 and not m=Ec2 or some other construct.  In medicine, blood pressure should be around 120/80 and not higher, or you are more at risk for heart attack or stroke, no matter what the “construct” of some other group believes. No other human field of study makes up rules that go against reason.  Aristotle’s clear thoughts about logic still have a place in human thinking regardless of what Nietzsche claims about there being no facts.

We have seen this before. Property and wealth have been redistributed more than a few times.  Every single time with disastrous consequences! Nor has it has ever produced equal outcomes. The Soviet Union, China, Laos, Cuba, Valenzuela, and Vietnam through gulags, executions, starvation, show trials, and just abandonment of property to escape Communism (that was my parents’ scenario, just walking away from all they had). This social experiment has piled up the body count close to 100,000,000 people, a despicable trophy of their success! Have we not learned? Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is when you ask the same question but expect a different answer!” It looks like we have asked the question often enough, and it has been answered the same every single time. That leads me to conclude that there are a lot of insane people in this world. It fits right in with a classic Country Western song by Billy Currington, “God is Great, Beer is Good, and People are Crazy.”

Where did these “experts” come from that tell us that we must apologize for slavery, and for which we need to pay reparations? I did not own any slaves, and there is not a single person in America alive today that was a slave. What is the legal basis and precedent for having the great great great great grandchildren pay reparations for the sins of eight generations ago? Paying reparations to the Japanese that were interred in camps during the war is just a bit different. Firstly the time span between the injustice and the payments is considerably shorter. The people that were harmed were actually the ones who got paid. Slaves that lived nearly 200 years ago are long gone. And paying their distant descendants will not repair anything.

Where is all this White Privilege? Everything I have, I gained through hard work, sweat, and a few tears.  I never got any of this from privilege. Did I not notice all the discrimination against foreign-born Ukrainians?  Although my parents certainly got a good taste of it from the old-fashioned Socialism practiced by Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler. National Socialists, too, had their own version of it. My parent lost all they had several times. When we arrived in the promised land, we had nothing. I want to know when my reparations are coming. I do not deny that there are racist groups both white and black that operate on the fringes of society espousing supremacist ideology of either white or black flavors such as the Nazi party, the KKK, the Nation of Islam, the Black Panthers, etc. but none of them so far have a meaningful influence on the mainstream of American life nor the two-party system we have. Although, BLM is certainly stepping over the line.

Critical Race Theory is absolutely pseudo-scientific gobbledygook generated from individuals that have spun this “fool’s gold” fiction in their minds. They use scientific terms as if they applied and knew what they meant. It is a technique that is so well described in the book, Fashionable Nonsense by Alan Sokal. Furthermore, they do not have any hands-on experience, nor do they or can they produce any credible evidence, including showing us where all this White Supremacy and racism is hiding. Besides they discount evidence and replace it with storytelling. Just because a few certified nut-jobs wear horned helmets, this is just a silly caricature of real proof.  These sheltered neophyte academics have never seen what real Supremacy looks like. They have never experienced Apartheid, Dachau, or Siberian Gulags. Nor do most of them even know what the Holodomor was. They should Google it for a little eye-opening education.

Humans are not built to fit the Socialistic model, proven by the millions of people that ran from East Germany and all the Soviet client states, along with Cuba, China, North Korea, and recently Venezuela.  Achievement, merit, success, striving for excellence, and the individual’s pursuit of happiness govern our behavior regardless of the color of our skin. Individual freedom, freedom to think and speak, ability to create assets through hard work and ingenuity has been the cornerstone of the American Dream and have worked very well over the last two- and one-half centuries. There have always and will always be individuals or groups that claim to be better than other groups or individuals. That does not translate to society as a whole. Systemic racism is foolish fiction. Indeed some of us that are better than others depending on what the measures are. Some of us are smarter, better at playing the piano, or telling jokes. It does not mean that they have more rights, or have more of a vote, or have to wear a yellow armband with a star on it. We are all equal under the law! Equal opportunity is the cornerstone of democracy, but equal outcome is not guaranteed. We do not have to cut down all the tall trees so that small giraffes have an equitable chance at the leaves. There are plenty of shorter trees around. Don’t be fooled by deluded university professors and brainwashed intellectuals that have created a “Bait and Switch” name for Marxism, a proven failed philosophy over and over once too often.  Critical Race Theory sounds a lot better than Neo-Communism. But even with the new laundered name, Don’t buy it!