Is Photo ID Now Also Racist?

Thirty-six out of fifty-two states require voter ID.  You need an ID to board a plane, to enter the country, to cash checks, to get a driver’s license, to open a bank account, to apply for food stamps, to apply for Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security, to apply for a job, to apply for a mortgage, to buy a house, to buy a car, to buy a gun, to get married, to adopt a pet, to get a hunting or fishing license, to donate blood, and many more.  Georgia just passed a law that requires voter ID, and it generated a major tantrum.  It is called racist, and the claim is that it is responding to the lie of voter fraud. Therefore it is fixing something that is not broken, etc. 

The majority wants fair elections, which requires knowing who is voting. An election must be spotless. If it is under suspicion, justified or not, it damages democracy and makes for a lot of unhappy people. Mayor Daily of Chicago was notoriously rumored to participate in voter fraud.  The favorite saying attributed to him was, “Vote early and vote often.” I lived in Chicago for several years. That issue was not disputed. It was taken as the truth that his operatives would round up all the street bums, and line them up at the poles early when they opened. In the afternoon, they would all get a new suit, get shaved and a haircut, and go back for the second round of voting.  

People that are not citizens, people that are dead, people that are not of legal age, people that have already voted, and people that are felons should not vote.  If it is racist requiring an ID to vote, then it is also racist to require an ID to board a plane, cash a check, get a fishing license, or adopt a dog, and then that makes the majority of States racist.

Multiple organizations have protested, led by Major League Baseball (MLB), which is boycotting Georgia by moving the All-Star Game to Colorado, said to cost Georgia $100,000,000.  Other companies have joined the protest: Delta, Twitter, Coca-Cola, UPS, Home Depot, Aflac, Apple, and more under pressure from the Woke Left. Even Stacy Abrams, minority leader of the Georgia House, walked back her demand for protest.  She did not think it would cost her state $100,000,000. In her words, “Leaving us will not help us.  Stay and fight!” But it is too late!  MLB cannot change now, and all the other protesting companies have gone public.

New polling shows that a large majority (75% of all voters, 69% of black voters, 60% of Democrats, and 89% of Republicans) supports photo ID laws.  It appears that a minority is opposed to photo ID, composed primarily of the radical left.  Voter ID is said to be a remnant of Jim Crow, according to Biden, equating voter ID with lynching, burning crosses, and the KKK, all of which was, by the way, primarily fueled by Democrats if you know history. Senator Robert C. Byrd, a good friend of Joe Biden and former Grand Wizard of the KKK was a staunch Democrat, and lest we forget, he filibustered against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. He died in office in 2010 and was eulogized by none other than Joe Biden. Statues of Columbus must come down for his treatment of the native population that supposedly happened. That was 500 years ago. But Joe’s racist behavior of 11 years ago will go unnoticed. Is that an example of hypocrisy or just stupidity?

Voter ID affects all races equally.  The black population should take the left’s position on voter ID as a major insult.  The patronizing left insinuates that African Americans are not able to get ID on their own.  They should not have to show ID because they are not capable of getting photo ID.  That, my friends, demonstrates how racist they really are!

All these companies that are protesting did not think this through. First of all, Atlanta’s African Americans are 51% of the population. Denver’s black population is 9.8%. Who exactly are the business geniuses of  Major League Baseball going to hurt with this boycott most? They should have asked me, and it does not take an Einstein to run the numbers. 74,000,000 voted for Trump, and Biden garnered 80,000,000. For those of you from Peoria, that is 48% for Trump and 52% for Biden. Organizations that want to serve the general public should stay out of politics, especially on issues where opinions are fairly evenly divided. Those companies have alienated 74,000,000 customers by becoming partisan.  There will be a response!  Granted, many people are not that political, but a lot are.  There will be a Boycott Backlash!  Coca-Cola will give up some of its business to Pepsi, which wisely remained non-partisan. Conversely, very few Pepsi drinkers will switch to Coca-Cola to reward them for their political stance. How many Republicans will fly Delta to the next Republican Convention said to be, of all places, in Atlanta, Georgia? It will likely not hurt Apple, they are just too big and just expand their already fastest-growing market in China. Tim Cook frankly does not care, but Aflac should have been smarter. UPS has a lot of competition, and FedEx may profit from the lack of political savvy of UPS. A few Redneck Baseball fans may just miss the All-Star Game.