When I came to this country at age 11, I never thought it would come to this, Americans storming the Capitol, breaking windows, and desecrating the hallowed halls of Democracy.  But just as much as the right is guilty of destruction, so is the left in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and New York.  Thank God that the “Defund the Police crowd did not take over totally.  What would have happened in Washington without the Police?  A herd of social workers would not have helped. The exact truth of what went on is still evolving.  Did the Capitol guard allow free access? Were there some paid agitators, and hired thugs?  I suppose it will all come out eventually.  Regardless Trump came out of this gravely damaged. When thousands of people are incited and told this is their last stand, people will do things that are desperate.  Talk of hanging the  Vice-President or executing Hillary is not helpful and does not promote a peaceful solution. Keep in mind that Hillary had more votes than Trump in the 2016 election.

Heal or heel are the operative words as to how this will all evolve. The cooler heads on both sides need to step forward. Impeachment or raising the 25th Amendment at this time would not likely create any common ground or goodwill that would aid in a resolution and bring around 74 million people to change their way of thinking, as Nancy Pelosi seems to think, or is revenge the only thing on her mind? It will take a lot more wisdom than what I see in the mix.

Ninety years ago, Germany had similar dilemmas, to go with the Nazis or the Communists.  They, too, didn’t fare so well. Had they gone the other way, would the outcome have been different? At that time, my family was devastated, torn appart, their property confiscated,  some murdered, and others imprisoned.  I, therefore, have a difficult time siding with the left now.  But siding with the right, has its own set of problems. I am truly in a quandary. Healing or Heeling is not going to be easy either way. Lindsey Grahm on the floor of the Senate said, “Count me out!” That is how I feel. Count me out.  I don’t want to deal with Biden, Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala, Trump, or the guy with the horns. I wish I could escape, just as my parents did, to a safe haven somewhere in Neverland. But all the safe places are gone.

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave an impassionate plea for reason, with reassurances that just as steel hardens with blows and fire, so will our Democracy.  This is wishful thinking, I wish he were right! There is, however, the likelihood this will continue to fester like the boil of the virus we a battling.  As soon as we seem to be getting the upper hand, it evolves, and more people die than ever before.  We can’t even agree to wear or not to wear masks, something I have done all my life as a working surgeon, and I am still alive. The same is true with our political impasse with 74 million on one side and 81 million on the other. How can I compromise on becoming more socialist when the Socialists took all my inheritance and murdered some of my family? I see more violence, bloodshed, and death ahead on both fronts without mutual compromise and understanding of all sides.

A common enemy would help solve our dilemma. I wish that the UFO’s, supposedly buzzing us are real, and we can come together to battle them as a united front.