This is my last political commentary for awhile.  The election has given me a headache and writer’s block. I am sorry not to see Trump win because I thought he had a clearer vision for our country with no Socialism, less intrusive bureaucracy, a more logical immigration policy, a realistic energy policy, a robust foreign policy, and spectacular economic success twice. Although his tweets were often disturbing, 70 million Americans voted for Trump, but 75 million voted for Biden. Too many male and female snowflakes could not accept a strong personality, a New Yorker who did not mince his words. He meant what he said and said what he meant. You know what he stood for, unlike a lot of politicians.  

I accept the majority decision to elect Joe Biden if after all the legal challenges it truly turns out to be a majority.  Unlike some of my friends, I will not wear any “NOT MY PRESIDENT” T-shirts, as I believe that once the people have spoken, we should be loyal to our country and our democracy.    I wish him well and hope that he will be able to remain President for all four years and have no physical or other issues to hamper his ability to perform his duties as President.  Joe is not a Socialist, and I don’t wish for him or our country’s path to be dragged to the dark side of Socialism, which is likely if Kamala takes over for him.

I must say that Kamala was a calculated choice for VP… with very little experience, even counting a brief three-year stint in the Senate, to be second in line for the most important job in the world is more than bothersome. There were more qualified women that he could have chosen. There were many racially diverse people that were more suited for the job. It was a sharp left turn that he thought would attract that side of his party. That really didn’t work all that well for him. The Democratic seats in the House were trimmed, and the Senate likely will remain in Republican control. Likewise, the majority of state governments remain in Republican control which will make an impact on the upcoming redistricting. Instead of the predicted blue wave, it was more like muddy water.  Biden will have a difficult job negotiating his boat through the hazards of trying to continue the growth of the economy, while at the same time battling the virus that has so far defeated all countries in the world (despite the fact that Trump will be gone) and with or without science or social distancing. It will be up to the vaccine (if it works) to defeat it). Politically he has the radical left-wing that will not let him negotiate with the moderate Republicans without giving him considerable pushback, insisting instead on their agenda of abolishing fossil fuels and switching to renewable energy sources. Gridlock will face him not only in his own party but the whole mix of House, Senate, and Supreme Court mediations. Socially he is caught between defunding the police and controlling the racially charged mobs.  This is in the face of more black people, especially men who voted for Trump than in any other election. In the words of Willie Brown in his freelance column in the San Francisco Chronicle, November 7, 2020, Willie’s World, “It’s not a pretty picture.”

Many of you will not be familiar with Kamala’s ascent to power.  Willie Brown was the powerful Speaker of the California Assembly.  He was a skillful black politician, who ran the California State Assembly for 15 years, and I must admit one of the best orators I have ever heard. When I was a representative of the California Medical Association, he addressed our Medical assembly.  I briefly met him at one of the CMA annual meetings when I was President of our County Medical Society.  He kept us (600 doctors) waiting for two hours (and we all waited) when he appeared roaring up in his red Porsche, with a Highway Patrol escort, sirens and all. He gave a great speech, just what doctors wanted to hear, giving him a standing ovation. Willie was a real politician.  The reason I mention him is that he was the person that launched  Kamala into politics when she was 29 years old and he was 60 years old.  Because of him, she became the Attorney General of California (California’s “top cop”).  A recent article mentioned her liaison with Willie after he separated from his wife. I am sure that because of a typo in the article, she was mentioned as a “mattress” for Willie Brown (instead of the intended word “mistress”).  But in retrospect, it was perhaps not that far off target for a typo!  I wish her well despite my little story, that I intend to be funny, not malicious,  and that is not why I would not like to see her ascend to the Presidency.  She is the most left-leaning of the left-wing, based on her voting record in the Senate, even more left than Bernie Sanders.

Before I (temporarily) hang up politics, I would like to leave you with one more thought. Kamala and the Squad, along with Bolshevic Bernie, would turn this country into a Democratic Socialist country given the chance.  How do I know?  AOC has already given me all the evidence.  Her latest Tweet was the clincher, a plan to create a list for what she called all the “Trump sycophants” that wrote on social media, like me!  The PARTY needs to know whom to punish for thought crimes. Undoubtedly the “Thought Police” will create the list. Lenin and Stalin, Marxist Socialists and Hitler, the National Socialist, were all fond of making lists.  This governmental surveillance is the classic giveaway described by George Orwell in his novel “1984”. My parents were on the list created by Stalin’s Thought Police that marked them for extermination.  Ironically, I likely will make AOC’s list. Hopefully, with 70 million people in the mix, it will take a while to get to me.

My writings will return to my favorite topics of history and science.  I hope you will continue to read my literary offerings!