What are we going to get with Biden?  Medicare for all, free education from Kindergarten through college, a guaranteed job with all the amenities – vacation, pension, medical care, etc., universal child care, a guaranteed income for every citizen, reparations for those whose ancestors were slaves or native Americans, affordable housing, and more.

Bernie Sanders figured this all out from behind his desk in Washington, D.C.  He most likely will be Biden’s Secretary of State, with Elizabeth Warren taking the Secretary of the Treasury, and Alexandra Ocasio Cortez chairing the committee on Climate Policy if Biden wins.

A think tank at George Mason University in Virginia, has estimated that the Sanders give away plan would cost close to $3.26 Trillion a year.  The annual revenue of the federal government is $3.86 trillion, and we still have a deficit of nearly a trillion a year except for 2020, which will be 3 trillion because of who else is responsible for everything? – Trump, of course!  The tax revenue would have to almost triple to accomplish this.  When you write your check to the IRS next year just triple the amount.  That should do it! Besides, Elizabeth Warren, being Secretary of the Treasury, can just print more if we run out of money.

Sweden tried something similar in the 1970s.  Their country nearly bankrupted because the high earners were taxed at a 90% level and the average person at 70%.  The high earners moved out of the country, and the ordinary people who could not leave worked less to reduce their income.  Corporations moved out as well.  Sweden had to rescind their stiff taxes and lower the cost of the free giveaway programs.  They are still very generous but have lowered their expectations and taxes.  There could be a restructuring of taxation so that the money will come from people that have nest eggs squirreled away.  These people cannot leave the country as their assets, are in the U.S., either tied up in property, or if they are in retirement accounts those assets can just be frozen. 

Elizabeth Warren calls this the “Wealth Tax.” Of course, the government can do this only once, since when they confiscate the wealth, there will be none left for the next year. How much money do you really need to live anyway?  Besides, we eat way too much meat, and that just produces methane to add to our already massive amounts of Green House Gases, and half the population is obese! Travel will also be markedly reduced because of energy rationing. So we really won’t need very much money! Potatoes are cheap, and you will not be flying anywhere.

This will be the biggest change to our government and way of life.  To accomplish this Democrats will need both the House and the Senate, in addition to the White House and a majority in the Supreme Court. Additionally, fossil fuels will be markedly diminished by 2035 and completely eliminated by 2050.  I hope you like small cars, all-electric of course. SUVs are so over the top anyway! All structures will need either rebuilding or a retrofit to accommodate the new energy restrictions, smaller double glass pained windows, and self-closing doors that do not let heat escape, with better insulation and solar panels on every roof.  All walls will need super insulation, and heat or cooling depending on the season, will need to be rationed. In fact, all energy will need some sort of “fair” distribution so that everyone will be affected equally. Rolling blackouts, schedules of when you can or cannot use electricity, and the cost of energy will have to go up.  As is often the case, some people will be more equal than others. Government buildings will have priority because they must be made comfortable so that the Bureaucrats can work on our welfare, which requires a lot more energy than any activity that we the peones require.

With the takedown of the wall, there will be an increase of migration into this country from our southern border. This will finally make our country consistent with the Statue of Libery that welcomes all to our shores. But there will be some negative results that we must tolerate as a gesture of brotherhood and friendship. There will be additional stress to our safety net for immigrants that need medical care, housing, and food.  With the restructuring of the police, more social services and welfare funds will require emergency funding for the influx of the undocumented workers which, by the way, will increase the unemployment numbers. Since ICE may be defunded as well, large cities will tempoarely (or permanently) need to house the influx of people.  San Francisco style sanctuary measures will become more common in other large cities. It may be wise for anyone who needs to travel to large cities to get an extra pair of rubber golashes to protect against stepping in human waste in the streets. Now wearing masks will have another  purpose, that of mitigating against maloderous smells. That is one way to persuade the population to put on their masks when out in public.

Most of Trump’s reduction of bureaucratic rules will be reinstated, making conduct of business in industry, agriculture, and energy more complex and expensive. This will also impact employment adversely, but it will increase the employment opportunities for the new arrivals as they undoubtedly will work for less.

When you vote on November 3rd, rest assured, Joe Biden will take care of you! He promised!