If Democrats take the White House and maintain control of Congress, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi — both with Bay Area roots — would be first and second in line for the presidency. (Courtesy of Getty Images)

If you believe the polls, they predict a landslide for the Biden / Harris ticket.  But how long will Biden last?

If you have paid any attention, you will note that Biden is slipping.  I don’t mean to disparage him, but it is quite obvious that 77-year-old Biden, soon to be 78, is not as sharp as he once was.  That is not unusual.   It happens to the best of us, and I know from personal experience.  He will be the oldest President this nation has ever had.  Nancy Pelosi has other plans.  She is dusting off the 25th Amendment for the occasion.  Biden will not be able to run the country without considerable help.  That will get untenable very soon, and his V.P., Kamala Harris, will likely replace him as President with the mandate of the 25th Amendment.  The 25th Amendment gives Congress the ability to remove the President from office for health reasons. The logical vice president will be the next in the hierarchical lineup, Nancy Pelosi.

Harris was unable to even place in the Democratic lineup during the Democratic presidential debates that she joined on September 12, 2019, and then withdrew her candidacy after the 5th debate.  This will be the only way to the Presidency for her.

She has positions that are controversial and usually defined down party lines. She co-sponsored Bernie Sanders bill of Medicare for All, supports Late-Term Abortions, and mandatory “buyback” of so-called assault weapons, is pro Sanctuary cities for illegal aliens, and supports the Green New Deal.  She opposed the Trump tax cuts and would support increasing the number of Supreme Court Judges (Court Packing), although has refused to admit that.  She is opposed to the border wall and wants to decriminalize illegal immigration.  She has said that an undocumented immigrant is not a criminal. She favors changing dietary recommendations to increase vegetarian foods and decrease meat, which adds to our greenhouse gases like methane. Presumably, we will not have to worry about her defunding the  police as she is proud and often mentions that she was California’s “top cop.” But then again, she may go with her party’s undeniable support of BLM and Antifa and throw the cops under the bus. 

Most of her positions are problematic for me. I wrote an essay on Medicare for All that I would suggest you read it on my website which details why that would be a disaster.  Just cost alone makes it unaffordable.  Then there are quality issues that come with a single-payer system.

Late-Term Abortions are an issue of human decency that I classify with infanticide and cannibalism.  Late-Term Abortion kills a fetus that could survive outside the mother as an independent human being.  The mother had several months to decide about terminating the pregnancy in the first trimester. This is settled law, “Stare decisis,” as stated by most of the Supreme Court justices, including the newest nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. Kamala’s defense, which she gave at the last debate, was that she would always support a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body.

Winston Churchill is often given credit for this quote, “If you are not liberal at age 20, you have no heart, and if you are not conservative at age 40, you have no brain!” It is, however, more likely attributable to John Adams. I am not proud that in my late 20’s I knew a lot about late-term abortions. I wish I didn’t, but I know more than any of you.  This little bundle of humanity moved and cried and felt pain. Those of you that support late-term abortions really should watch one.  Even the most cold-hearted person would be revolted. The truth is you must actively kill the fetus.  How do you actually do it? It is not that easy. Drowning seemed to be the best, cheapest, and most certain way.  As I witnessed this, I came to the conclusion that this is Murder! Murder is not civilized, and it is just wrong and evil! Once the fetus is viable, has a brain, moves its limbs, cries, and withdraws from pain, it is just too late, regardless of what women’s rights are. In my book, there is no right to kill another human being that can exist independently except in self-defense. At what stage viability is reached is not clearly defined. Most believe it to be between 22 and 24 weeks of pregnancy. Civil law, Common Law, Christian/Jewish Law, Islamic Law, and the traditional Law system of most countries of the world even consider suicide illegal.  You don’t have a right to take your own life, much less the life of someone else, even if you are a woman. Late-Term Abortions are not something a decent and civilized society should tolerate, just like we don’t accept infanticide or cannibalism.

Mandatory buyback of guns is a euphemism for confiscation.  The Constitution should not be changed for a number of reasons. Our Founding Fathers were pretty smart. We should listen to their wisdom. I refer you to another one of my essays, “The Right to Bear Arms,” that goes into those reasons.

Immigration is a subject near and dear to my heart, as I, too, am an immigrant.  I came to the U.S. in 1954 from Austria.  In 1952 my father who saw the end of the American occupation as a clear sign of losing his job as a physician with the U.S. army because Austria was going to become an independent country, and Austria had denied my father a job previously, as they only employed physicians that were native Austrians. He applied for immigration to the United States. Truman, who was still friends with Joseph Stalin at that time, would not allow our immigration because my father was under death penalty orders in the USSR for being an enemy of the people.  He had been Romania’s Chief of Public Health. He had ignored orders from Moscow by vaccinating children that he had been ordered not to vaccinate and other public health measures, such as providing clean drinking water to the elderly to combat a Cholera epidemic that Moscow did not deem necessary.  That makes you an enemy of the people! Socialism is so wise and compassionate – hopefully, you will not find this out for yourself!

We really had no choice in leaving Europe, and since we could not go to the U.S. we were going to emigrate to Africa.  The Gold Coast (now Ghana) wanted doctors, and we were packed to go.  A miracle happened. Dwight David Eisenhower became President and changed the rules. Enemies of Socialism in the USSR could now come to the USA.  We changed airline tickets and landed at La Guardia airport, New York, on a very hot July in 1954.  I became a U.S. citizen on May 1, 1961.

Immigration must be under the control of the country receiving immigrants.  The receiving country must screen people to be additions to the population.  They cannot be criminals, terrorists, or people that will become a burden to the welfare system. People that will add to the country in terms of work ethic, culture, economy, and citizenship are desirable.  Recently the world has had turbulent events. South American Socialist revolutions have caused people to leave their native land as my family did. The Middle East has also had wars and human tragedy that encouraged migration.  With that migration came people that did not fit the definition of beneficial additions to our society, people that wanted to hurt us – just remember 9/11.  Germany and France got some of those folks as well.  We cannot let that happen.  The borders must be secure to let in people we want to let in, and keep out those that would harm us.  Is that not what all countries do? (President) Kamala Harris would change that.  She would welcome the huddled masses, and never even look at their credentials. I refer you to another one of my essays, The Wall.

Socialists think they are smarter than anyone else. They think they have the answer to global warming.   They think we have 12 years to turn the world around before irreversible events happen that are… well irreversible.  The science is settled, so says Al Gore, even our Governor Gavin Newsom.  Radical environmentalism and the advisers to Biden: Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib under the wise tutelage of self-anointed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, have given us the “Green New Deal.” Biden has cleverly taken the main tenents of that deal and coined his own climate deal that smacks of plagiarism, something with which he is very familiar, The Biden Deal.  It would eliminate fossil fuels by 2035.  It is too complicated to give you the details of why this would destroy us more than the Covid virus has, but it surely will.  I would recommend a book to you, written by an environmentalist that explains in 400 pages why the science is not settled and why we have time, and why environmental alarmism hurts us all, Apocalypse Never, by Michael Shellenberger, on the Best Seller List. I would also recommend my essays, Why the Green New Deal Will not Work, and The Only Possible Solution, just a bit shorter of a read but not on the bestseller list yet.

As bad as you believe things to be now, think about a Harris / Pelosi administration carefully before you vote. Just in case, buy a bicycle, you will need it, and eat all the steak you can before then!