But I am voting against trained Marxists and Democratic Socialists.

I am voting against riots, looting, and arson.

I am voting for law and order.

I am voting for secure borders.

I am voting against urine and feces in the streets, like in the “sanctuary city” of San Francisco.

I am voting against influence peddling to Ukraine and China by the Biden family.

I am voting for the Star Spangled Banner, both the flag and the song.

I am voting for the support and existence of Israel, and all Jews should be ashamed not to do likewise.

I am voting for the President who brought more stability to the Middle East than any other President by brokering the peace treaty between the UAE and Israel.

I am voting for the Freedom of Speech without censorship, which we already see from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

I am voting for the right to bear arms.

I am voting against the “Green New Deal” and its plagiarized version the “Biden Deal.”

I am voting for the individual who has eliminated more unnecessarily, costly, and bureaucratic regulations that have damaged industry, agriculture, and energy production.

I am voting for the President that made us energy independent.

I am voting against late-term abortions, also called partial-birth abortions of near-term infants.      Kamala says a woman controls her body and has the right to drown another human being in formaldehyde (a common way it is done).

I am voting for the American way of life to stay as it is.

I am voting for the country to which I immigrated.


I am voting for the Republican Candidate for President– Donald Trump

Trump is the man with whom we have the best chance to have this kind of country.  Biden does not offer that.  This is not a high school popularity contest where we choose the guy or gal with the greatest personality (paraphrased from Dr. James Dobson, founder of  Family Institute). I am aware of Trump’s flaws, and he may not be the right man at a different time in history, but he is the best man for the job at this time.  He is a leader. He believes in America. He believes in the Constitution, the separation of powers, and the greatness we have achieved.  We are not bad, but good.  We have given humanity an example of the best government, the best lifestyle, the best civilization that has ever existed on this earth.

Joe Biden is a nice grandfatherly man, “simpatico” with one word.  But Democrats, including Joe, have been hijacked by the radical left, who try to convince us we are bad.  We are systemically racist.  That means it is baked into the system.  You are racist. Everything is racist. We are consumed by hate. We need to accept our responsibility for slavery, which they say is still our fault.  We need to pay reparations.  There is less racism in America than anywhere globally, and it is steadily decreasing, more black businesses, more black professionals, teachers, doctors, engineers, and college graduates. The black intelligentsia such as Thomas Sowell, Condoleezza Rice, Larry Elder, Candice Owens, and others, including Morgan Freeman, reject “systemic racism.”

If you believe we are all racists, that we need to atone for all our evils, that we need to embrace and welcome all newcomers to our shores, including criminals. We need to tear down the wall. If you believe we need to get rid of all fossil fuels by 2035, and replace them with solar and wind, and if you believe that the family unit is no longer the standard of our way of life and should be replaced by multicultural philosophy of communal living, then you need to vote for good old Joe, who, by the way, will likely not last one year and be replaced by Kamala Harris.  So you need to get used to her and her advisers, the SQUAD AND SELF-ADMITTED SOCIALIST – BERNIE SANDERS. Once that conversion takes place, it will not be reversible!

We are supposedly voracious polluters and SUV addicts that destroy the planet, and this destruction which will be irreversible in 12 years, so they say.  The renewables have been unable to supply more than 10% of the energy we need, and the wise environmentalists are absolutely against the only form of energy that could very safely substitute for gas and oil because environmentalists predict epic risks.  Peaceful nuclear energy has killed 44 people in the entire nuclear age of the last 75 years compared to 300,000 deaths per year from oil and coal. What was I thinking? Obviously, we must accept the radical environmentalist’s dictates and avoid nuclear as a substitute!

If you believe that our way of life should survive, if you believe that there are no slaves or slaveholders any more, if you believe that most of us are hard-working, good people that want freedom, a mother and a father to raise us and in turn raise our own children, own our home, the right to choose our means of education, jobs, what we read, where we live, with whom we associate, and if you do not believe the environmental alarmists…