I am puzzled as to why the whole racism issue has emerged NOW before our next national election.  Why do we have race riots about racial justice? Why are there lootings and burnings of buildings happening now? We had a black president for eight years, and what did he do to improve the black race situation? His numbers on black crime, black on black murder rates, black high school drop out rates, police shootings of black boys and men, fatherless families, black unemployment rates, and black illegitimacy rates are nothing to brag about and showed not one iota of improvement after eight years. Look it up! Where was the outrage for Obama’s abysmal record? Where were the protest marches of BLM?

The Democrats have finally hit on the perfect storm to destroy Trump after multiple failed attempts. A fortuitous pandemic set the background for unrest and erased all of the economic gains of the Trump administration.  Then the unfortunate killing of a black man by a white cop triggered the firestorm. The number of blacks killed by police every year is between 200 to 250, including every year of Obama’s tenure. Whites are killed by police about twice that number, despite the fact that the black crime rate is roughly five times higher than the white crime rate.  This indicates more police restraints when dealing with a black criminal, and contradicts the mob’s screaming that the unjust police are killing black people. The opposite is true.  The police treat blacks with greater deference than whites when it comes to pulling the trigger.

Why, all of a sudden, does one killing of a criminal high on Fentanyl and Amphetamines become the poster child, and now the hero, for this race riot? Not considering the details because they will not be known until the trial of the indicted white cop, and cell phone video is incomplete in explaining the preceding events. The riots do not pass the smell test. It seems like a carefully orchestrated setup. The inciting event was not the best choice for a trigger. The criminal history of George Floyd and the drug overdose does damage the story, and makes his resistance more complicated given the Amphetamines on board. Amphetamines are known to accentuate aggressiveness, increase muscle strength, and the Fentanyl obscures the now-famous T-shirt logo “I can’t breath” line if you understand the pharmacology of Fentanyl, which depresses the brain’s respiratory center. Two autopsies reported the Amphetamines and Fentanyl in his blood.

The rapidity of the deployment and the organization of the mob suggests that it was not as spontaneous as it appeared, but preorganized long before the Floyd affair, waiting for a suitable trigger. The timing is also suspicious of preplanning. I would like to know who is the financial backer of all this unrest?. Somebody is! Who is benefiting from racial division? I must admit it is a brilliant strategic move in its timing and opposition to the “Law and Order” argument.  One factor I can attribute to coincidence, but with four factors pointing to a rented mob, I come to the conclusion that this was a covert DNC production. #1instant mob #2 tenuous trigger #3  statistics dispute the main complaint  #4 highly suspicious timing

I saw a video that all of you should see: uncletom.com, produced by Larry Elder, a black radio commentator, who addresses many of these issues.  If you are liberal, you will get a different perspective than you have ever seen. If you are conservative, you will learn some history that you never knew.  It costs you $8.00 to rent, but it is worth it. Many of my questions have been answered, but my own theory as to the recent racial discontent is even more specific.

My theory of the whole issue is that when Obama was elected, there was much enthusiasm and hope from the black population that now things were going to change.  Guess what? Nothing changed!

Statistics on black vs. white police killings do not bear out the claim of police treating blacks more harshly and shooting quicker. The opposite is true. The real issues when Obama took office in 2009, were black fatherless homes were at 67%. It dropped a paltry 2% in 2017 at the end of his term.  Black unemployment increased from 7.6% to 7.8%, rather pathetic , to say the least. Pre COVID under the “racist Donald Trump,” unemployment was the lowest it has ever been, 5.4%.

Black illegitimacy in 2017 was up to 77% at the end of Obama’s term. In 1965  it was 24%. The black family was much more of a standard core family in the mid-1960s before Johnson’s “War on Poverty” with its dramatic increase in welfare.  WELFARE DID MORE DAMAGE TO THE BLACK FAMILY THAN SLAVERY DID. 

Black on black crime kills more black people each and every year than all the Ku Klux Klan killed during their entire rant of 86 years. Is that not an amazing statistic that gets absolutely no press. It is a topic the left does not want to talk about. Black on black homicides were 2500 to 3500 a year most of Obama’s tenure. Welfare removed the father figure from the family and made the family matriarchal. More black children grew up with a father during slavery than now. These are statistics Obama should be ashamed of!

Obama, who had the chance to make great strides in the real issues ignored the problem! It was a great disappointment. Obama had made it one of his campaign promises.  He stated that Dr. Martin Luther King had gotten the black race 90% to their goal, and he was going to get that last 10% needed to get to the Promised Land.  He did exactly nothing, just as all democratic run administrations, federal, state, or local since Abraham Lincoln. 

The Jim Crow laws were created by white southern Democrats and Dixiecrats to keep blacks from voting. It was the Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower who sent in the 101st Airborne Division to open the schools in Little Rock, Arkansas.  It was a Republican Congress led by Everett Dirksen that pushed through John F. Kennedy’s civil rights bill nullifying Jim Crow. This was unfairly credited to Lyndon B. Johnson due to the assassination of Kennedy. Furiously fighting against it were the Democrats who opposed the civil rights act through the longest Filibuster in history, led by Al Gore’s father, Albert Gore Sr., along with the Dixiecrat Strom Thurmond. It was Lyndon B. Johnson who came upon a “brilliant” new game plan.  His idea was if blacks were going to vote, they might as well vote Democrat.  He was fond of using the “N” word, something the media never brought up, but was undeniable. “I’ll have them n….s voting Democrat for 200 years,” he said – something that is still coming true.

Now with a new election, the left sees a chance to take over just as they have taken over in many major cities of the country that they have destroyed, like Baltimore, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, St. Louis, New York, Detroit, Memphis. Los Angeles, and Houston, etc. The best way is to divide and conquer.  Race is an excellent way to divide people. And what better way than to discredit the current administration by blaming them for all the failures of government to improve racial inequality, which of course, had not been addressed by the previous administration. If you look at what Trump did with his efforts on unemployment, ridding employers of oppressive regulatory policies, and the tax reductions, he helped black people more than Obama ever did, who did nothing in his two terms, as demonstrated by all metrics: unemployment, black murder rate, black incarceration rate, high school drop out rate, black illegitimacy rate, number of fatherless families, etc. Obama actually harmed black education by cutting annual funding for black institutions of higher learning by $85,000,000 annually; something Trump reversed by restoring $100,000,000, the largest federal funding of black colleges by any president ever. It was Bidden who is responsible for creating the largest mass incarceration of black Americans through his work on the 1994 crime law, and the “Crack Law” that punishes possession of crack cocaine more severely than powder cocaine.  Whites prefer the powder and blacks the crack, which disproportionately keeps blacks in jail longer, another Biden ringer.

Democrats have harmed the progress of the black race in cities run by them, and their social welfare programs have destroyed the black core family by the most devastating blow a family can have, namely the removal of the father. Instead of ranting about racial justice, which Obama ignored, the protests should be about fatherless black families, the disproportionate high school dropout rate of black children, the disproportionately high crime rate in black communities, including the high black on black murder rate, and the unprecedented abortion rate of black women, now at 52%.  Those are the issues BLM should address, all problems that Obama and Biden could have fixed but didn’t and apparently didn’t care about.