My  8th book just came out on Amazon. This is a collection of essays that explains the flaws of Socialism that will offend some of you and make others cheer, but my real purpose is to wake those of you that are sleeping or hiding. I have used Socrates for the cover because of my favorite of his quotes, “The most hated are the ones who speak the truth!”

I have always had the opinion you cannot change anyone’s mind about religion and politics.  Many of these beliefs have been instilled in us when we had very moldable minds, by our parents and other early role models.  The pathways are set and usually cannot be changed.  So why did I bother? I, too, had my pathways set in my formative years by real-life experiences from my parents and myself that have set my ways against Socialism, and I do NOT mean the Social Welfare State, a totally different animal that originated in Germany in the late 1800s, created by Otto von Bismarck and existing in many countries including in the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, etc. The Social welfare state supports those individuals in need of help to survive, the sick, the old, the very young, the injured, etc. and has nothing to do with control of the means of production and distribution of goods, as defined to be Socialism by Webster and economists. To control the means of production requires violence.

I have an inevitable desire to honor and trust my parents and their life experiences. Marx and Engels have sold us pseudo-scientific theories that, when put to the test, failed in every country they have tried it. Nevertheless, Socialism is rearing its ugly head again.  Bolshevik Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressly,  Kamala, and other real Socialists have captured the democratic standard-bearer and pulled him to the left into their camp, which espouses real Socialism, control of the means of production, and distribution.

My parents were staunch individualists. The Socialists, both the Marxist Socialists and the National Socialists, almost erased them, and they bearly escaped their clutches.  We probably have the most important national elections of our life before us.  I will not change anyone’s mind as to how they will vote, but I may be able to convince those that are afraid to express their opinions to come out of the basement. The left-leaning segment of our population is mostly open and not afraid. The right is often timid and afraid of voicing their thoughts, the silent majority, and the under-cover Trumpists. I do not see this as a Biden vs. Trump issue, but as a Capitalist vs. Socialist battle.  The choices we have are between Socialism and freedom. Jefferson and Reagan are not the choices as they are not on the ballot.  It is Biden and Trump both with blemishes but with clear differences.  My words may wake up some memories in you and raise the specter of failed political theory, which is the guiding light of the democratic hard-left political wish list that Biden brings to the table versus four years of tremendous economic success (before COVID likely to resume after COVID), tax and regulatory relief (despite COVID).