7th book going to the printer

My 7th book went off to the printer today.  It will be available in a few weeks at Amazon.com or directly from me through my website.  It will be under my name and the name of the book, “What I Forgot to Say.”  It follows the format of my previous book, “What I Still Want to Say.” And it is likewise an anthology of essays. Many of the essays have the theme of our current pandemic, COVID-19.  But there are a variety of subjects from the St. Francis Dam disaster that swept through my home valley, the most extensive civil engineering failure in history, to what you have always wanted to know about physics but were ashamed to ask, like what entropy and entanglement are for example, and where we came from and where we are going.  Some essays are strictly historical about men and women who have contributed to why we the way we are, while others are controversial issues about impeaching presidents and conspiracies.  Amazon requires the price to be $38 to cover printing and shipping costs, but through my website, it will be available for $25, including tax and shipping.  On my website under Books, click on the title, which will bring up the Online Store where you can use most credit cards or purchase it through PayPal. I guarantee you will not be bored and will like it or hate it.  Either way, it’s worth 25 bucks.