My next book is close to hitting the ranks of published works, which you will be surprised to know is about 300 books a day for the US alone.  This will be my seventh book (eight if you count the first one with the ignominious title that Amazon required me to change and now is the respectable title of Tales of a Country Surgeon. Sadly the sales plummeted with the title change).  This new book is entirely respectable, WHAT I FORGOT TO SAY. This book is a sequel to the book titled, WHAT I STILL WANT TO SAY. Like that book, it is an anthology of essays on a variety of subjects.  I copied the content page of what is written to give you an idea of what is in it.  I have in mind 10 to 15 more chapters.

1 We are all Homo Sapiens1
2 Leonardo da Vinci4
3 The Wall9
4 My Take on the Last Few Days of Evil in SoCal13
5 Area Code 80516
6 Epistemology19
7 The Ibiza Affair23
8 Retirement26
9 Can Feminism be Toxic Too?31
10 Explaining Trump and Why Impeachment is Not a Good Idea35
11 What is the Point of Impeachment?38
12 The Magic of German Compound Words41
13 Doppelgänger45
14 The Green New Deal48
15 Alfred Nobel52
16 The Naked Ape59
17 Medicare for All64
18 Water68
19 Entanglement71
20 The Making of a Surgeons73
21 Two Men, Two Disasters75
22 The American Revolution or Do We Owe It All to a Woman77
23 DNA Does Not Lie80
24 Ancient Genes that still Haunt Us83
25 Origins86
26 A Primer in How to Recognize Neanderthal Genes in Ourselves and Others88
27 Skiing90
28 Entropy93
29 In Defense of Suicide96
30 Anchor Baby98
31 Life101
32 Colon Cancer for Dummies104
33 Who has the Better Vision108
34 Impeachment and Trial of a President111

The cover is my favorite flower from my native country, Austria.  It is the Forget-Me-Not flower to serve as a flowery metaphor for the title.