The Green New Deal

Our teachers of history have seriously duped us.  How did I deduce this?  There is good evidence that there were several times in history when the earth was much warmer. Actually, it was much warmer than it is now during our own global warming crisis, which will destroy our way of life as we know it!  Two periods, first the Roman Climatic Optimum from 250 BC to 400 AD caused the retraction of Alpine glaciers that allowed Hannibal to cross the Alps with elephants. Furthermore,  Tacitus noted that it was so hot in Greece that none of the date trees could set fruit, which is also the case now during our current global temperature anomaly.  This is seen as strong evidence that the temperatures now and then were similar. Do you suppose that the Romans had gas-guzzling SUV’s just like us, or was it motorized chariots? Something our historians must have missed.

Second, there was the Medieval Climate Anomaly (MCA)  from 950 to 1250 AD, where the ocean temperatures exceeded today’s devastating sea temperatures that are melting the ice caps giving rise to sea levels that will soon inundate New York and San Francisco.  It allowed the Vikings to settle in Greenland, which actually was GREEN at that time, unlike now when it is completely covered by ice. Proof positive that it was hotter then. The Vikings actually landed on the North American continent way before Cristóbal Colón.  One more black mark against our history teachers. The north and south polar ice caps on our planet have occupied their places for only 20% of the existence of the earth, but 80% of the time the poles were totally ice-free, covered with megafauna and flora, as evidenced by geologic finds under the frozen arctic tundra of skeletal remains of rather large polar bears that surprisingly survived the ice cap’s melting, mammoths, sabre tooth tigers, and of course the legendary vast oil deposits that had to come from somewhere.

 AOC (Alexandra Ocasio Cortez), the former Bronx bartender and now the youngest member of Congress, but wise beyond her years, has introduced legislation to save us from ourselves, the “Green New Deal.”  She has concluded that we must radically change our wicked ways with fossil fuels to dramatically reverse the rapidly rising CO2 levels that will cause algae to bloom, reduce the oxygen in water, kill the fish and coral in the ocean. Furthermore, all the tropical diseases will migrate from the equatorial regions to infect us with malaria, elephantiasis, allow the Tsetse fly to move north and spread sleeping sickness, and a variety of other parasitic diseases that will significantly reduce our numbers. 

What must we do to survive? We must “de-carbonize” our environment by adopting the “Green New Deal.”

  1. 100% of our energy needs must come from renewable nonpolluting sources such as solar, wind, water, but heaven forbid not nuclear power. After all, the combined worldwide nuclear accidents have killed 42 people to date in the last 50 years.
  2. We must eliminate the use of fossil fuels for transportation, agriculture, construction, energy generation, and defense,  by 2030.
  3. We must eliminate the sources of greenhouse gases, CO2, and methane. This translates into making the internal combustion engine obsolete (most automobiles, airplanes – propeller-driven and jet, farm equipment, generators, Harley Davidsons, Vespas, golf carts, etc.). Mining and use of coal would be mothballed.   Eradicating livestock, especially farting cows who produce much of the methane is high on the list.  Faux beef would go a long way to reduce methane.
  4. Reforestation would provide a way for CO2 to be converted back into water, oxygen, and plant tissue that could be substituted for animal tissue for food.  An all-vegan diet for everyone would go a long way to rejuvenate the planet, not to mention the health benefits.
  5. The funding for this would come from taxing the overly rich and the evil corporations.  As it stands now, the top 50% pays 97% of taxes. The bottom 50% pays 3% of the collected taxes.  But if the marginal tax rate would go up to 70%, as AOC suggests, meaning that after some arbitrarily set amount, let’s say an income of $100,000 which ought to be plenty to live a good life, anything above that amount would be taxed at 70%. If that is not enough the Swedish or British tax model actually goes above 100% with incomes above $1,000,000. Then the leeches would finally pay 100% of the taxes as the left has always envisioned fairness. It is high time for these rich parasites to pay their equitable share.  Being forced to pay their fair share is why the Beetles moved away from England despite John Lennon’s lyrics:

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can

No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world
.” reminiscent of the lyrics written by that great song writing team, Marx and Engel.

Similarly, Gerard Depardieu left France because he was getting taxed at a 110% marginal tax rate.

Life would be simpler and healthier.  A meat-free diet would decrease cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack. More exercise by bicycling or walking instead of driving the SUV would reduce obesity. We would get more sleep as turning on electric lights after sunset would be a crime.  Going out to movies and stage shows that use up a lot of electricity would be a thing of the past, and people could get back to reading books by candlelight. Waterskiing would go the way of chariot racing unless you could get a super-strong crew team to pull you.   The jet-set would have to make do with a walk in the park rather than the circumnavigational jetliner vacation. Just like getting rid of guns would eliminate all the gun-related homicides, getting rid of tanks, bombers, rockets, and aircraft carriers would get rid of mass casualties of war.  Swords and the bow and arrow would be less lethal in conflict.

There are so many factors that affect the weather: El Niño, La Niña, Milankovitch cycles, volcanos, clouds, the sun being a pulsar star puts out variable energy, as represented by sunspots.  Other factors are distance from the sun, the jet stream, ocean currents, ocean temperatures, plate tectonics, planetary multi-decadal cycles of position in relation to earth, greenhouse gases (of which CO2 is the weakest, and water vapor is the strongest) and many more, all of which have variability that depends on a myriads of other factors impossible to predict.  What the weather will be tomorrow is a crapshoot, but knowing what the weather will be in 50 years is a certainty.  All the scientists agree! And science has never ever been wrong, just as Galileo was strongly advised to avoid being burned at the stake, and to accept the science of Aristotle and Ptolemy and forget heliocentrism.  It may already be too late unless we listen to the wisdom and warnings of AOC.