Sexual deviance is a strange mental illness.  Interestingly, we treat it the same as murder or theft or assault, which in a way it is, but done by a mentally unhinged person.  Jeffrey Epstein proved it by trying to hang himself in his cell after being denied bail, and then he succeeded a couple of weeks later. 

Sexuality is something we all possess to one degree or another.  We all have fantasies, desires, visuals that excite us or disgust us. We all have a secret sexual life, like the secret life of bees, not for publication, not Kosher.  Our superego is our savior by censoring the parts that are not PC.  We are judged sane if we do not act out those secret scenarios.  But woe to us if our superego is not working that day, or we think we can afford to ignore our superego.  Unfortunately, some of us let the id dominate and lo and behold, get massages from underaged girls, or masturbate while beautiful women are bribed to watch, if affordable, whatever strange thrills that evoke for the psyche (?).  It does, however, indicate an unhinged mind with thinking that is not the norm. And it does suggest a rather severe mental illness.

Society is at a loss of how to treat this deviation.  Do we put these psychos on trial, put them in jails, or lock them up in mental institutions?  Psychiatry has not figured out what to do with them or how to help them.  And it is not likely that these sad individuals can be “cured.”

It is unlikely that a pill will pop up to cure Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein.  These unfortunate people are doomed to everlasting flames that will consume them in eternal hell if there is one.  They must be contained, and we must protect the public from their monstrous behavior so as not to harm the innocent.  On the other hand, there are people that are co-dependants that will help them in their illness for money or other rewards.   A young immature mind can be seriously harmed by one of these predators, and be subverted to lead a life that is also perverted and becomes consumed with thoughts and actions that are damaging to themselves and society.    

Since there is no cure and no magic potion has yet been found to change whatever has gone wrong in these brains, there is only one solution.  These people need to be removed from society in one way or another.  I would make a case for bringing back the mega-institutes of the past that contained these and other deviant thinking that is harmful to the rest of society. 

My take on Epstein is different than conventional wisdom.  His erasing himself was the only logical solution to his existence. What would be the point in housing him in a prison cell the rest of his life?  Although it is a stain on the prison where he was kept, as well as all the psychologists in charge that cleared him from being on suicide watch. Then again maybe the warden did it on purpose, considering the bigger picture and object of keeping this unfortunate tortured human alive.    What could he have added to society or what would we have gained by keeping his sick mind alive?  He saved a lot of taxpayer money by ending it.  True, he may or may not have revealed some additional accomplices in his strange addiction, but I suspect that those guilty are likely already known, and once the main fire is extinguished along with the greenback fuel that he spread like dry tinder, there is little danger of further destroying young women.   I say, “Jolly well done! Good riddance!”